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We look forward to hearing from you!

To give you a bit of history on your new turf provider, we will provide some short bio's on our company members below: 

  • Harry L. Watson III – Owner
    • Hal, as most of you may know him, has been a part of United Turf’s family since   January 1991. He began his career with the company as an Installer/ Foreman.       Hal’s love of agronomy began on the golf course in Highland Springs where he helped to maintain the grounds.  This carried into his college life at Virginia Tech, where he received his BS of Science in Agronomy as well as a minor is Agricultural Economics in 1984.
  • Vince Burke – Superintendent
    • Vince has been with United Turf since 1995 as the lead Forman on site. Hal has asked that Vince continue to be his right hand man in this business opportunity.  After 17 years of working closely together, and being able to see how Vince can run the job site with successful results, Hal knows that Vince is the right man to keep our quality of work consistent.


  • Katherine Jones (Katey) - Office Manager/ Coordinator for new accounts
    • Katey is Hal's Daughter.  She has been with her dad every step of the way during the start up and could not be more excited to see his success unfold.  More than likely, the emails and faxes have been initiated by Katey, so we thought it important to put a brief description to avoid confusion during verbal/ faxed or emailed correspondence.

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